Configuring phpMyAdmin ---------------------- There are many configuration settings that can be used to customize the interface. Those settings are described in :ref:`config`. There are several layers of the configuration. The global settings can be configured in :file:`` as described in :ref:`config`. This is only way to configure connections to databases and other system wide settings. On top of this there are user settings which can be persistently stored in :ref:`linked-tables`, possibly automatically configured through :ref:`zeroconf`. If the :ref:`linked-tables` are not configured, the settings are temporarily stored in the session data; these are valid only until you logout. You can also save the user configuration for further use, either download them as a file or to the browser local storage. You can find both those options in the :guilabel:`Settings` tab. The settings stored in browser local storage will be automatically offered for loading upon your login to phpMyAdmin.